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    Get on the Yard

    Join in the excitement of watching 4,400+ midshipmen in formal uniform marching to “Anchors Aweigh,” or hundreds of Plebes working together to get to the top of the Herndon Monument. Feel the spirit of the centuries-old rivalry with Army and the countless other sporting spectacles that occur throughout the year. Be moved by the myriad musical and drama performances, as well as some of the crowning events of midshipmen life — the proud end of Plebe Summer and the celebrations of Commissioning Week. No matter when you visit the Yard, there is something special to see!

    Winter Musical




    3:00 PM


    5:00 PM

    Winter Musical

    A highlight of each year is the USNA Glee Club Winter Musical. Produced in true Broadway style, it is a fully-staged, costumed, and choreographed production with live pit orchestra!


    Due to contract restrictions, we cannot advertise the name of the show at this point - but please call the ticket office at (410) 293-8497 to learn more.

         Friday, February 23, 2024
         7:00 PM

         Saturday, February 24, 2024
         7:00 PM

         Sunday, February 25, 2024
         3:00 PM


    Location: Mahan Hall

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