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    Club Spotlight: Navy Men's Hockey

    By Bill the Goat on November 29, 2021

    Club Spotlight: Navy Men's Hockey

    It's hockey night in Annapolis! Join us as we get on the ice with two of the toughest teams around: the Navy Men's Hockey Division I and Division III teams. This top-tier club sport is neck and neck with USNA varsity sports, and is thrilled to call the Olympic-size Naval Academy hockey rink, the McMullen Ice Arena, home. It’s all part of the Brigade Sports Complex, with state-of-the-art amenities and the capacity to seat 695 raving fans.


    A Little Background

    Navy Hockey boasts three teams: a Men’s Division I Club Team, a Women’s Division III Club Team and a Men’s Division III ECA Team. All three teams compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) against a formidable lineup of foes.


    Navy Men’s Division I Hockey

    This year, the Division I amateur hockey team kicked off their season against Drexel on October 1st. They play the following teams on the schedule below. You can find their latest record and the Naval Academy hockey roster here.


    Due to COVID-19, their last season was in 2019-2020, when they took home some impressive post-season honors: Navy defenseman John Saccia was named to the ECHA Second Team All Stars and forward Joe Kelly was named to the first team.


    In Hot Water

    The Division I Men’s Team caps off each season with the Crab Pot Tournament, a local legend. For over forty years, this annual event has drawn huge crowds from the area and beyond to watch four in-state hockey teams fight for the rights to the Crab Pot championship—and the colorful trophy, which as you might have guessed, is an actual crab pot mounted on a trophy base. At the end of Navy’s home rink, a banner displays the coveted Crab Pot winner since 1978, so the tournament is definitely a big motivator, all season long, for players and fans alike. It doesn’t disappoint. Everyone comes ready for some great hockey, and there are jerseys that you can purchase beforehand at Navyonline, or the Gift Shop, to cheer Navy on properly. You can also grab a youth hockey jersey or two from Navyonline.com and bring the whole family to join in on the fun!


    Navy Men’s Division III Hockey

    The Navy Men’s Division III ice hockey team has been making and blocking shots since 2014, when this ECA (extracurricular activity) was formed as an addition to the Navy men’s hockey program. The Division III team plays a full competitive intercollegiate schedule as part of the ACCHL against some of the best ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association) Division II teams of the East Coast, including George Washington University, Neumann University, Christopher Newport University, University of Maryland, Catholic University, High Point University, East Carolina University, University of Delaware and more. This year, they faced off in their first game against George Washington at home on October 8th. Check out their full schedule here.


    Want to Play?

    A note for prospective players (if you have what it takes): Although players are not recruited in the same way NCAA varsity athletes are, the Navy Hockey coaching staff can help interested players with the Academy application process. They seriously encourage prospects to apply online for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. This fast-paced, six-day event is designed for high achievers that have completed their junior year in high school. They’ll learn about the importance of academic, athletic and professional training at the USNA and be better prepared to pursue an education here.

    Come watch the most exciting game on ice! Get your gear at Navyonline.com and support the two Navy Men's Hockey teams. Tickets for games this season will be limited and may sell out. You can get both single USNA hockey tickets and season tickets (covering men’s and women’s) at the Brigade Sports Complex, 64 Greenbury Point Rd, Annapolis. Don’t forget to pick up Crab Pot Tournament tickets too! Stop by or give the ticket office a call at 410-293-9700. Prices for admission to the Men’s D1 and Women’s D2 Club teams are $10 for adults, $5 for youth and free for midshipmen. Admission is free for the Men’s D3 games at the McMullen Hockey Arena, with the exception of a few tournaments.

    The McMullen Hockey Arena will be the scene of dozens of jump-out-of-your-seat Navy Hockey games, along with the famous Crab Pot Tournament. Get your hockey gear at Navyonline.com and come on out for the most fun you’ll have on ice!

    Bill the Goat
    Written by Bill the Goat | November 29, 2021


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