Dine on the Yard!

    Fuel Up for an

    Unforgettable Day on the Yard


    From grab-and-go goodies at a coffee bar in a historic gate house — to local food trucks on the Yard — to a fine dining experience at the the Alley Restaurant, your meal will be a memorable one. Remember, that 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go to fund the Brigade of Midshipmen. 


    1845 Coffee

    Start your day off right or grab a midday pick-me-up at one of our 1845 Coffee locations. Take a break from your Yard explorations at 1845 Coffee with a modern day coffee shop experience steeped in rich Naval Academy history.


    Grab a coffee, pastry, quick snack or to-go lunch to fuel up for a fun day walking the Yard!




    TAKE ME TO 1845









    Get the full Naval Academy experience

    Food Trucks on the Yard

    An array of food trucks are available on the Yard from Monday-Friday!


    The Alley

    Nestled in the gorgeous lower level of the Naval Academy Club, the Alley serves exquisite fine dining and affordable and delicious lunches for the public. Open to members only in the evening, we welcome visitors during lunch to experience the local, fresh dishes created by our executive chef. The delicious meals will make you wonder that you are dining in a former bowling alley!