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    Best Spots to Savor Summer on the Yard

    By Bill the Goat on July 10, 2024

    Best Spots to Savor Summer on the Yard

    Annapolis is like no other place in the world, and the Yard is its own special spot. Whether you’ve been here many times, have just scratched the surface, or still have to plan your trip to this charming city, you’ll be delighted with all there is to do here, especially during the warm summer months when the Annapolis Harbor sparkles and the ice cream is extra good!


    Romantic Tours of the Yard and Spaces to Savor

    We’ve pulled together some of our favorite summer spots, so you can enjoy your time on the Yard and take in the USNA history happening all around you. Come relax in one of the most beautiful places around, and see why the Yard is treasured by so many!


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    Quadrangle and Zimmerman Bandstand

    This place has serious history! That history starts with the Yard’s Beaux Arts architecture, coming onto the scene in the early 1900s, and the Zimmerman Bandstand's construction in 1922. Since then, countless concerts by the USNA Band and other talented musicians have had the Zimmerman Bandstand overflowing with music. Enjoy a fresh summer concert (schedule here), or find a spot on the Quadrangle and watch the midshipmen as they work their way through the rigorous Plebe Summer. You’ll also see plenty of other people about, enjoying the bayside breezes and the stunning architecture that characterizes the Naval Academy campus.


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    Seawall and Triton Light

    There is something very romantic about this spot, where the Triton Light guides sailors home from their long journeys at sea. On a clear day, you can see out to the Chesapeake Bay, the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. The breezes awaken the senses, and the field with tree shade is welcoming to any wayfarer who wanders along the Seawall to this spot. You can spend hours just watching the boats go by, from small craft, to large schooners, and even the Naval Academy’s fleet. It’s exciting and relaxing at the same time. And when you get a chance, read one of the inscriptions at the Triton Light, which memorializes the impressive feat of the USS Triton, collecting water from the 22 seas in the first completely submerged circumnavigation of the earth. This place whispers history in every corner.


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    The Tripoli Monument

    It’s a secret garden, tucked behind the U.S. Naval Academy Museum at Preble Hall. This monument to six U.S. naval officers who lost their lives fighting in the first Barbary War (also known as the Tripolitan War) in 1804 is both beautiful and haunting at the same time. It is full of symbolism, and endlessly fascinating to take in. A regally wrought eagle crowning the monument has the inscription “E pluribus unum,” or “From many, one,” which is the same phrase inscribed on our pennies. There is an angelic statue next to the monument representing “Fame.” An angel called “Glory” leads two cupid-like figures up the steps, and a Native American woman reflects our new nation as the “Children of Columbia,” or “America.” Another young female figure with a book and pen records “History,” including the part these naval officers played in its long story. Take your time here and enjoy the history, then continue your adventures inside at the well-curated museum.


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    Come Enjoy the Yard

    There is something invigorating about being outside in nature, and the Yard offers soft grasses, shining waters, and vegetation all around. It also offers the murmurs of history, which happens here every day. Take some time to enjoy it all, and if you’re intrigued about the story behind the scenery, we’d recommend any of our famous USNA tours, which range from the Navy Way Boot Camp to GEM riding tours that travel throughout the Yard and its treasures. Every fascinating USNA tour, excellent dining experience, and fun shopping excursion gives to the midshipmen by funding their extracurricular activities like cultural arts, music, theater, club sports, and more. Come savor summer today, and experience history in the making.

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    Bill the Goat
    Written by Bill the Goat | July 10, 2024


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