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    Scavenger Hunt: Spend Summer Break Exploring the Yard!

    By Bill the Goat on June 22, 2024

    Scavenger Hunt: Spend Summer Break Exploring the Yard!

    Annapolis is beautiful in the summer. And a stroll around the Yard makes it even better. It’s a chance to take in the historic Beaux-Arts buildings, the beautifully green walkways, and the crisp uniforms of the midshipmen training to become our future naval leaders. No matter how many times you’ve been to the Yard, it’s always fun to hop on the USNA tours. There is so much history to unearth here that you’ll always see and learn something new! From the USNA Tour and Tea, to the Anchors Aweigh Music Tour, to the Student Youth Leadership Program, there is something to satisfy the curiosity of every history lover, naval lover, and fascinating-fact lover.


    USNA Scavenger Hunt Clues


    You can make your own USNA tours by following our latest scavenger hunt clues on the Yard. See if you can find all six places and let us know once you do. Happy hunting!


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 1: More Histories Than Can Be Counted

    Though this building has been here since 1973, its contents have moved over a dozen times throughout the course of USNA history. This building faces College Creek, and many midshipmen come here daily to learn. USNA faculty, midshipmen, and other members of the military community also spend time enjoying educational and musical events here.


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 2: One of the First Big Buildings on the Yard

    The cornerstone for this building was laid in June of 1904, and the roof of this building was replaced in 2021. Over the years, it has also undergone other changes, including an addition in 1938 that changed its shape and raised its capacity to 2,500 people. It’s the tallest building on the Yard, and inside, you’ll find some important USNA treasures, like a famous stained glass window.


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 3: When the Wagons Came to Town

    When it first opened, this neighborhood was called “Oklahoma” because the rows of wagons reminded the community of the people lining up in wagons to greet the new world out west. It’s well-known for housing some of the Naval Academy’s most important faculty, and the buildings still look very much like they did in 1905 when the neighborhood first opened.


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 4: A View of the Heavens

    This building was made from whitewashed limestone. It also has other meaningful architectural symbolism, including a mosaic dome in the shape of a double helix, an entryway oculus to the sky, seven different entrances representing warm welcomes from Abraham’s tent, and stone brought from Hebrum. The midshipmen receive moral development and education here.


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 5: Where the Land Met the Sea

    The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded in 1907 to a man who was once a midshipman and later a professor here. He performed some of his famous experiments right at this point up on the Radford Terrace between Michelson Hall and Chauvenet Hall at the seawall that existed there then. Who was he?


    Scavenger Hunt Clue 6: Bringing the Tree In

    This hub of the Academy has hosted too many musical events to count and is named for one of the Academy’s most revered musicians. Recently, it also became home to a special tree during Christmas time, lighting up the world when it wasn’t safe to be inside during COVID. Where is this beloved spot?



    Did You Find Them All?

    If you did, let us know in the comments below! Want to keep digging? There are so many more treasures! This just scratches the surface of the Naval Academy’s deep history. You can experience that history in person by taking one of our beloved USNA tours.


    While you’re here, enjoy the Yard dining experiences and bring home a memento or two. All USNA tours, dining, and shopping benefit the midshipmen. They help fund extracurricular activities like cultural arts, music, theater, club sports, and more, helping to build teamwork and camaraderie among the Brigade. Every time you come to the Yard, you’re supporting the midshipmen who support our freedom. Come see us and enjoy everything the Yard has to offer. History happens here every day. Be a part of it!

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    Bill the Goat
    Written by Bill the Goat | June 22, 2024


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